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About the Campaign

Who Needs a Nurse?

It’s a serious question and does not deserve the flippant casual response of inaction! 

New Brunswick needs Nurses… Now!

Nurses are essential to our healthcare system. They are crucial to patient care and vital to ensuring an efficient and effective system. Nurses treat the sick and advocate for our wellbeing. They educate our communities and complete the health care team. The profound value of Nurses is UNDENIABLE. 

So why are Nurses not being protected, heard, and respected? 

Why are Nurses facing unfair pressures to work dangerously long hours, living with guilt and worry?

Why are they regularly working in violent workplaces, with precarious staffing levels?

And why is their situation so frustratingly ignored? 

Why are decision makers not actively working to ensure New Brunswick can recruit, retain, and respect – to protect – our province’s Nurses? Do they understand WHY they… we… need Nurses?

Why is NB’s healthcare system crumbling,

when a solution is within reach?

Who needs a nurse?  Who Needs to Demand Change?  

Who Deserves Better?   





  • Nurses are one of the only healthcare professionals who monitor, assess and care for patients 24/7.

  • Nurses are trained to be proactive with patient care, monitor and assess discharges to decrease readmissions.

  • Nurses are academically educated and professionally trained.

  • Many procedures, surgeries and appointments require at least one nurse to be present. When they aren’t there… cancellations occur. 

  • Evidence supports that when patients receive adequate time with nurses, there is a direct correlation with positive patient outcomes.

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